Version Control–Going Open Source with SVN

Subversion works great and is easy to install on Windows using Visual SVN Server.  Rather than using text commands to checkout/commit/log/etc, TortoiseSVN  seamlessly integrates with the Windows File Explorer as a shell extension providing excellent visual tools such as a Repo-Browser, Revision Graph, and Log Statistics. While TortoiseSVN has a visual diff tool, Beyond Compare […]

Fixing the missing right click “Open in Expression Blend…” in Visual Studio 2010 (Running on x64 system)

Using RegEdit, find the location of BlendLaunchPath. On my Windows Server 2008 box, the REG_SZ BlendLaunchPath was under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Expression\Blend\4.0\VS] The proper location is: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Expression\Blend\VS] Below you can see the new VS key added with the BlendLaunchPath: Solution originally found in Tim Heuer’s blog.

The amazing internet! Exploring Amazon Books & Archive.Org

A worthy quote found while reading the book Bushido, the Soul of Japan, (from Google books): “Chivalry is itself the poetry of life.” – Karl Wilhelm Fredrich Schegel, Philosophy of History which doesn’t actually exist in the book (you can search for it in the link to the book above).

A.B.C. {Always Be Coding}

All software development managers should know how to code and have real world production system experience; otherwise they are managing blind.  And, it’s equally important to keep one’s programming skills current. Managers that stop writing code will lose touch with their teams. Thus the mnemonic A.B.C. Always Be Coding which is a gentle reminder to […]