A time to ponder…

“You’ve got to find what you love.” by Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple computer (maker of the first PC I owned in 1980).

Microsoft horrified me today…

This blog title was influenced by this posting (which is a must read IMHO). On a monthly developer ISV update call, the Microsoft evangelist suggested that Silverlight has a five year life span and that picking up HTML5 and Javascript would be easy for our C#/Silverlight development team.  WTF!!! Microsoft pushing HTML5 is like Sun […]

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 to Production

Somehow I knew that installing the Beta 1 of LightSwitch would prevent the installation of the production bits.  While Beta 1 seemed to uninstall fine, installing the real deal failed. The installer emitted the following error log: [08/19/11,08:23:15] VS Scenario: [2] Error: CVSScenario::ExecuteEachBlocker returned false [08/19/11,08:23:15] VS Scenario: [2] Error:There is a blocking condition met, […]

Dropbox and Live Mesh

When I tried Microsoft’s Mesh a few years back I thought it had great potential.  But it wasn’t clear what Microsoft was going to do with the software.  Since that time, I have been using Dropbox; which has an elegant simplicity (and works across different platforms). Moreover, I didn’t even realize that “Mesh” is now […]

Kung Fu Panda Wisdom

“There is a saying: Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is a Mystery; but Today is a Gift.  That is why it is called the Present.”  Master Oogway While unable to find the original source, most web searches attribute the quote to Alice Morse Earle as “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits […]