Windows Developer Preview (aka Windows 8) on my HP Touchsmart tm2

Thanks to Scott Hanselman’s excellent post a Guide to Installing and Booting Windows 8 Developer Preview off a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk), I now have a very useable touchscreen tablet. Kudos to Microsoft for a very good job with the tablet usability–the side swiping gestures are intuitive and work well.  And the same keyboard in  […]

HP Touchsmart TM2 Bios/Boot Manager Startup Menu

While pressing F2 takes one to the HP Advanced Diagnostics System Manager, to get to the Startup Menu repeatedly press Esc during the tablet’s boot procedure.  The Startup Menu has these options: F1 System Information F2 System Diagnostics  (same as pressing F2 while booting) F9 Boot Device Options F10 BIOS Setup F11 System Recovery

Installing the Windows Developer Preview (aka Windows 8 beta)

The .iso for the Windows Developer Preview can be downloaded from: While it felt a bit like an early Christmas in September, getting the gift unwrapped was challenging.  I could not get the OS to run in VMWare (7.1.4) or Microsoft Virtual PC.  So I turned to Bing and found a link to other’s […]