Installing the Windows Developer Preview (aka Windows 8 beta)

The .iso for the Windows Developer Preview can be downloaded from:

While it felt a bit like an early Christmas in September, getting the gift unwrapped was challenging.  I could not get the OS to run in VMWare (7.1.4) or Microsoft Virtual PC.  So I turned to Bing and found a link to other’s having the same issues.  The “quick” solution was to use Oracle’s VirtualBox.

While other’s may have succeeded easily , the installation initially failed for me using VirtualBox 4.1.2 r73507 with error code: 0x80070003.


Doing some more searching, this link provided needed changes to the default VM settings.  Below are the screen shots of the settings changed:

image_10 image_12 image_14 image_16 image_18

And now I have this happy Metro-OS:


or Desktop (legacy) mode:


Note that seamless VM mouse synchronization is not working well—the mouse works fine when focus is locked to the VM.

Tomorrow (I think) I’ll try booting to a VHD on a HP Touchsmart tm2.

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