Outlook Send/Receive Error 0x80040115

While traveling I could not get Outlook on my laptop to send/receive any emails.  The Outlook status bar would say Disconnected and checking the Outlook Send/Receive Progress Errors would show “Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server’ reported error (0x80040115) : ‘The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.’”

I tried everything from ipconfig /flushdns; changing the DNS Server; repairing the mailbox; even reinstalling Outlook.  Nothing worked and I felt crippled without email (oddly/luckily I could receive emails on my Windows 7 Phone so I was not completely paralyzed).

The solution?  My work PC had Outlook still running but Outlook had crashed!  After stopping the crashed Outlook, it starting working again on my laptop.

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