Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 (WP7) using AT&T

My Samsung Focus came in the mail today to replace the old iPhone 3G I was trying to use.  I say trying because with each OS release my old iPhone would get slower and slower.  While the iPhone 4 looks like an improvement over the 3G (click here for the apple comparison), I like the idea of using Silverlight and XNA for phone development.

While I love the phone and WP7, getting it working had some hiccups.  First upgrading from the iPhone to the Focus wiped my voice mails and I had to call AT&T support to setup voicemail.  That said, the AT&T service was very good.  Next, I found it impossible to change the Xbox live account without doing a factory reset.  It took the first Live account I used and made that the default, and there appears to be no way to set a different account as an Xbox live default.  After that, I managed get into a state where the Zune music player would not launch (turning the phone on/off fixed that).  And finally, the first application I tried to buy gave me a strange error code; yet, when I tried again a few hours later, everything work.

And yes, despite these snafu’s  the phone is great.  Why?  I’ll save that for another post.

In the mean time, for a good comparison of WP7 devices, check out ElektricForest’s chart.

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