Using the Eisenhower Box with Email


In my diligent attempts at reaching inbox zero for email I find using the Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete method helpful.  For me:

  • Do is simple; act, reply, file (or delete) the message.
  • Decide is a copy of paste of the email/action to either my to-do list or to a calendar appointment.
  • Delegate is a forwarding of the email but I really need a tickler/reminder to make sure the task is completed.
  • Delete, that just feels good to do.

With the above, Delegate is the most difficult to manage with my email software.  Does anyone have a creative way (or great software) to manage delegated emails?

One thought on “Using the Eisenhower Box with Email

  1. I’m finding some success with Boomerang for tracking delegated emails.
    Its an add on to Outlook that allows me to set a flag to return the email to an Unread status. Its a little challenging because the email retains the original email date so I’ve had to learn to watch my Unread folder. You can also designate a specific folder for them to ‘tickle’ you in if you don’t want the emails to cycle back to your inbox. I also move those emails into a special notebook in OneNote so it clears them out of Outlook, and I have a consolidated place to add notes. Good Luck in finding the zero inbox. I’ve gotten close at times, but so far its pretty elusive.

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