Web “Operating Systems” (eyeOS and silveOS)

The idea of a complete desktop in a browser is intriguing.  Using remote desktops and virtual PCs is close.  But I like the idea of just going to a URL–the “cloud” desktop.  Something akin to GotoMyPC but without the need to actually setup the PC in the first place.

Two “web-friendly” implementations worth exploring are eyeOS and silveos.

eyeOS is amazing since it is all HTML/Javascript.  For a closer look check out http://classic.my.eyeos.org/

Silveos is written in Microsoft Silverlight (which brings the fun back to development—IMHO).  To see silveos in action visit http://silveos.com/

Other sites to check out include:

and for a list of more web operations system bookmarks visit http://www.xmarks.com/topic/os_online

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