Stretches for England’s Coast to Coast Walk

This summer I walked across England following the coast-to-coast path by Alfred Wainwright.  Walking ten to sixteen miles, day after day, for 16 days was strenuous (especially the start in the lake district).  In order to warm up and cool down, I did the following pre/post stretching routine.  It really made a difference.

Start with 3 slow sun salutations
Bent knees, toe balance
Sun bird (left/right)
Downward dog with alternating calves
Forward fold (include arms raised behind back)
Rag doll up and raise arms up
Side bend (grabbing left wrist/ grabbing right wrist)
Standing quad stretch (left/right)
Standing pigeon stretch (left/right)
Cross feet forward bend (left/right)

Hero’s pose (ok to recline for 45 seconds)
Childs pose, slow breathing (hold for 60 seconds)
Downward dog (hold for 60 seconds—no alternating)
Runners lunge left (lower right knee, raise arms, grab right wrist, lean left, then 1/2 bow, then elongate left leg and head to knee;  hold for 45 seconds)
Pigeon on left (60 seconds)
Sphinx pose (1 minutes with head roles)
Runner lunge right (lower left knee, raise arms, grab left wrist, lean right, then 1/2 bow, then elongate right leg and head to knee; hold for 45 seconds)
Pigeon on left (60 seconds)
Cobbler/butterfly pose with toes bent back (hold for 45 seconds)
Roll onto back for happy baby (45 seconds)
Right bent knee thread the needle with left foot ankle rolls (60 seconds)
Left bent knee thread the needle with right foot ankle rolls (60 seconds)
Fish pose (90 seconds)
Both knees into chest (30 seconds)
Reclining goddess (120 seconds)

Before bed, legs up the wall for five full minutes

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